PHP Manual: DOMDocument->getElementById()

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DOMDocument->getElementById() -- Searches for an element with a certain id


class DOMDocument {

DOMElement getElementById ( string elementId )


This function is similar to DOMDocument->getElementsByTagName() but searches for an element with a given id.

For this function to work, you will need either to set some ID attributes with DOMElement->setIdAttribute() or a DTD which defines an attribute to be of type ID. In the later case, you will need to validate your document with DOMDocument->validate() or DOMDocument->validateOnParse before using this function.



The unique id value for an element.

Return Values

Returns the DOMElement or NULL if the element is not found.


Example 1. DOMDocument->getElementById() Example


= new DomDocument;

// We need to validate our document before refering to the id
$doc->validateOnParse = true;

"The element whose id is books is: " . $doc->getElementById('books')->tagName . "\n";


The above example will output:

The element whose id is books is: chapter