PHP Manual: DOMDocument->saveHTML()

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DOMDocument->saveHTML() --  Dumps the internal document into a string using HTML formatting


class DOMDocument {

string saveHTML ( void )


Creates an HTML document from the DOM representation. This function is usually called after building a new dom document from scratch as in the example below.

Return Values

Returns the HTML, or FALSE if an error occurred.


Example 1. Saving a HTML tree into a string


= new DOMDocument('1.0');

$root = $doc->createElement('html');
$root = $doc->appendChild($root);

$head = $doc->createElement('head');
$head = $root->appendChild($head);

$title = $doc->createElement('title');
$title = $head->appendChild($title);

$text = $doc->createTextNode('This is the title');
$text = $title->appendChild($text);