Testimonials ....

When I imagined the tunesnvids web site, I had many brand new concepts that had not been tried before. It was a very challenging venture to get into, therefore it was of extreme importance to get just the right programmer for the job. Hardeep Kapoor's ability to start from ground zero and build from a mere idea is one of his many skills. With details of what I wanted done, Hardeep was able to produce just what I wanted. I have to say I'm very pleased and impressed by his work, there is no other programmer in the world who is so capable and yet so friendly and attentive, which makes working with him both enjoyable and very rewarding. I would not hesitate to recommend Hardeep to anyone who is serious and is really to go beyond the regular into the cutting edge.
Reg Mudimbu
President & CEO of tunesnvids L.L.C


I had tested the program and everything works very well now. Will like to express my deepest appreciation for your wonderful effort in making this project a great success.
Looking forward to working together with you for future projects.
Jackie Yong
Green Grasses, Singapore