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Thailand Tourist Police Volunteer

Volunteers from more than 13 countries are helping tourists in Phuket by joining Phuket Tourist Police in the Section 14 Sub-Division 3. My purpose of joining tourist police phuket is to assist Thailand Tourist Police to help and assist foreigner tourists to locate places easily along with safety in life and property of tourist. You can see volunteers, patrolling Soi Bangla after 8 PM assisting tourist in various activities. CHIEF Commander of Tourist Police is Pol. Major General Panya Mamen. James Madigan is the Group Lead for volunteers and the there are 4 teams that rotate for patrolling to assist Thailand Police and SGT Wichai and SGT A helps to recruit volunteers in the group.

Our Vision

It is the vision of the Tourist Police Department Auxiliary to be a working part of the Phuket Tourist Police Department’s Community problem solving partnership.  We take responsibility for providing to the Phuket Police Department volunteer services of the highest professional standards to help deter crime, enhance the sense of personal safety and security, and build a community spirit in which crime cannot flourish.

What is the Mission?

It is the mission of the Phuket Tourist Police Department Auxiliary to work in partnership with the Department and Community to keep Phuket a safe and secure place for all of its citizens to live.
We will help the Phuket Police Department promote public safety and reduce the level of crime and its impact.
We will do this by educating the public and by assisting the Department in all of its functions, except those that are within the sole purview of sworn officers.

Who is the Program Co-ordinator?

The Chief of Phuket Tourist Police will appoint a Police Auxiliary Program Co-ordinator from the management ranks of the Police Department.
The program Co-ordinator will have the responsibility to co-ordinate all aspects of the Police Auxiliary Program.
These aspects include: recruitment, selection, determination of program duties, responsibilities and assignments, member placement, member performance evaluation, communication and co-ordination with other department managers and program evaluation.
The Phuket Tourist Police Department Auxiliary is structured to minimise bureaucracy and maximise the productive use of Volunteer’s hours.

Do you want to join as Volunteer?
The following requirements must be met to qualify for membership in the Police Auxiliary Program:

  • Must hold a Non Immigrant ‘B’ or ‘O’ Visa.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be a high school graduate or equivalent.
  • Must pass a thorough criminal background check, the extent to be determined by the Phuket Tourist Police Department.
  • Must have near fluency in the Thai language and/or any other language.
  • Obliged, from time to time, to submit to urine/drug testing.
  • Must have high moral and ethical standards.
  • Must be willing to comply with all applicable Phuket Tourist Police Department policies and procedures.
  • Must have a strong desire and commitment to serve the Phuket Tourist community and its citizens.
  • Never have been convicted of a felony crime or other offences as determined by the Phuket Tourist Police Department.
  • Possess a current and valid Thai driver’s license or obtain a license within one year of appointment.


Application Process
The application process for the Phuket Tourist Police Department Auxiliary Program is as follows:

  • Completion of an initial application.
  • Application review by Auxiliary Program Co-ordinator or designee.
  • Completion of comprehensive background packet.
  • Background investigation.
  • The background investigation will be co-ordinated by the Police Auxiliary Program Co-ordinator and will include at a minimum: a criminal history clearance, personal references and employment history.
  • Interview with the Police Auxiliary Program Co-ordinator or designee and an interview board selected by the Program Co-ordinator

The duty of Tourist Police is to facilitate and secure tourists’ though out Thailand. So there are some advices for tourists. It involves the way to take care of yourself as well as any offers some helpful advice’s which visitors should be aware of when traveling in Thailand. If you are working in Phuket and interested to join as volunteer you can visit or send email to

If any foreigner needs any kind of help or assistance in Phuket, please call 1155.



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